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Transformation: Releasing fear and karma

by Dolores Cannon

People at my lectures are always asking me what do they have to do in order to ascend to the next dimension and move to the New Earth. “They” have said there are two key things to let go of for the transformation to take place.

One of the two things to release is fear. Fear is an illusion, yet it is the strongest emotion that a human can feel. It must be released, or it will hold you back from transformation.

Think for yourself. Do not give your power away to anyone. Make up your own mind and discover your own truth. Do not let fear cloud your judgment so that you cannot think for yourself. Transformation from this dimension to the next requires that you be free of fear.


The second thing you must let go of to experience evolution and transformation is karma. We accumulate karma by living many, many lifetimes on Earth, often with the same people repeating the same mistakes. This explains the term The Wheel of Karma.

We all have bad things happen in our lives. That is part of what life is about. I have found that we agree to experience these things and events in order to learn from them. If you learned even one thing from a difficult experience, that was the reason it happened. Transformation is a process of releasing fear and karma that is not always easy.

During my lectures, I give people an exercise they can use to release karma and assist their transformation. You do not need to confront the person you have karma with or speak to them face to face. They may not be available, or they may have left this world.

Before this incarnation, you made a plan for what you hoped to achieve in this life, and agreed to contracts with many souls to play parts opposite you on the Earthly stage. Transformation can be brought about by releasing any negative karmic attachments.

Picture the person you have difficult karma with in your mind standing in front of you. Say to them, “We tried. We really tried. It is not working. I am tearing up the contract. I forgive you. I release you. I let you go. Go your way with love and I will go mine.”

None of this is easy, but is essential to grow and realize the beauty of transformation.

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